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The Extra Mile in Car Rental

At California Rent-A-Car, bringing something extra to every aspect of your customer experience is the secret of our success. More customers than ever are looking to us as their go-to rent-a-car in Los Angeles.

Without something a little something extra, you are not likely to remember an experience even if it goes smoothly. Here at California Rent-A-Car, we know the needs of our customers, and great customer service is our mission. Still, we always offer a little something extra, and that is how we have earned such a great reputation in such a short time. You need more than just your LAX Car Rental. Whether it is an extra accessory you may need on the road, the extra mile our staff goes to, or our extra wide selection of car, we have something in store to leave you impressed with the job we did.

Once you get on the road, you will meet with some unpredictable challenges. Perhaps you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, picking up a family member who unexpectedly brings their child along, or you would like to run a hi-tech gadget on the highway. At California Rent-A-Car we offer little extras like a Garmin GPS device to keep you on the right track. You can also get a high quality car seat for a very low price, if you need to safely seat a tyke in your rental car. What is more, you can get a device called Mifi and bring it along for mobile internet on the go. Those kinds of optional extras take most of our luxury rent a car customers by surprise.

In addition to extra items for your rental car, we are extra knowledgeable and friendly here at California Rent-A-Car. Ask anything, or request a suggestion about our wide array of cars, and our staff is sure to provide an insightful answer or tip.

Get in touch with us by phone at (877)524-1878 today, or make an online reservation.