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Range Rover Sport

Vehicle Features

Transmission 8 Speed
Engine LR-V6 Supercharged 3.0 Liter
Horsepower 340 Horsepower
Doors 4
Extras Navigation,Bluetooth
5 4 17/23

General Description

Renting a car whether you're on vacation or your car is in the shop can be exciting. Why not splurge and rent a vehicle that combines comfort along with class. Consider a Range Rover Sport Rental. The Range Rover HSE rental offers both luxury and comfort. The Range Rover rental design is an all-aluminum body that comes complete with authentic exterior as well as interior designs. 

The Range Rover is one of the best rentals because it is the perfect vehicle for any occasion. Whether you're on vacation or tending to business, the Range Rover offers the best transportation options. Each driver can personalize the options features on the vehicles when driving. There are also added bonus features including the ability to go off-roading with the electronic air suspension. Additional features include air conditioning, high quality sound system, and pure leather heated seats. Safety is a must which is why the vehicle offers brake assistance, stability control, blind spot monitoring, and airbags. 


A Range Rover Sport Rental truly offers the best of both words in terms of excellent transportation and luxury. This vehicle is high class and is sure to turn heads on the road and you can rest assured knowing that it offers the best in safety features.