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Mercedes GLE350

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Engine 5.3 Liter Engine
Doors 4
Extras Bluetooth, Navigation
5 4 18/23

General Description

The luxury SUV is a relatively new invention.  Before Mercedes Benz came out with the M series in 1997, SUVs were tough, utilitarian vehicles with bumpy suspension and stiff handling; basically trucks with cabins instead of beds.  Today, every luxury brand from Acura to Volvo has an SUV under their belt, and it's getting a little hard to tell them apart.  Still on the top of their game, here is a few reasons why the ML350 SUV might not be what you would expect (and that's a good thing).

It's Not Compact

Remember the old station wagons of the '70s and '80s?  As big as a bus, but they only had two rows of seats making them perfect for family toad trips and more.  The drive towards fuel efficiency and sporty-ness crippled the station wagon, but a few of its finer attributes have been preserved in American-sized car rentals like the Mercedes Benz ML350.  Big and tall drivers will feel at home up front, and the back seats are abundantly spacious even for adults.  No third-row option, just space; space for everyone to enjoy their road trip in California.

It's Not Heavy or Slow

The bigger a car gets the longer it takes to get up to highway speed.  The GLE350 gets there in just 8.4 seconds.  That's the power of a lighter vehicle equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission, permanent four-wheel-drive, and a V6 with 268 horses.  This SUV gets going.

It's Not a Truck

A 4x4, yes.  Off-road capable for sure.  Built like a truck?  Not so much.  The GLE350 traded it's truck cred for a more comfortable ride, and we don't blame Mercedes Benz in the slightest.  The unibody construction and independent coil-spring suspension gives a lighter ride quality that is more what you would expect from a Mercedes Benz.  Forget leather seats and fancy gadgetry; this is how you make an SUV a luxury ride.

Big, luxury SUVs aren't for everyone, especially one that only has two rows of seats.  However, if you and your crew have an appreciation for both space and luxury the Mercedes GLE350 is an excellent 4-wheel-drive rental car in Los Angeles.  Make your reservation today through California Rent-A-Car.