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Ford Explorer

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.0 Liter Engine
Doors 4
Extras CD/Radio
7 4 17/24

General Description

Are you an Explorer? California Rent-A-Car carries the latest in an American classic: Ford Explorer rental. The latest run of Ford’s Explorer line is the most luxurious yet.

Customers come from around the world to Los Angeles, and find themselves wanting to cruise the streets in a convertible or sedan to get the full So-Cal experience. However, customers Explorer rental know that the “S” in SUV stands for utility. As an all-around daily driver, the Ford Explorer is the complete package: Quiet ride, freeway power, safety, and room for the family, plus their belongings. Whether you’re looking for a substitute while your ride is in the shop, or something to take you around town on vacation, Explorer rental doesn’t disappoint.

Although they haven’t been marketed as such, recent explorer models have taken most of their engineering cues from the “crossover” SUV style. Sized down ever so slightly from its peers, this is a car meant for the roads. The majority of Explorers are now 2 wheel drive, and are designed with the daily commute in mind. All the same, the explorer squeezes an incredible amount of power out of its modern 4 cylinder, or classic V-6, with the help of a sporty 6 speed transmission.

California Rent-A-Car is paradise for SUV rental customers. Sticking with ford, drivers can move up a size to Expedition rental, or change sides, and switch to GM; The ultimate in extreme luxury is available in the form of Escalade ESV rental, and escalades more conventional cousin Suburban rental can be found as well. 

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