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4x4 Chevy Suburban

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Engine 5.3 Liter Engine
Doors 4
Extras Bluetooth
8 4 16/23

General Description

Sports utility vehicles are the perfect fusion of practicality and luxury. Nonetheless, it can be hard to explain what draws some to SUVs. Maybe it's the comfort. Maybe it's the feeling you get on the road of mastering your own journey. Maybe it's the combination of safety and flexibility that an SUV offers. Whatever the case, an SUV suits your tastes, it makes you content, and you don't have to explain it if you don't want to. If you're planning a car rental in Los Angeles, then you should seriously consider a Chevy Suburban rental from California Rent-A-Car.

Chevy Suburban rental can help you meet all of your driving needs in Los Angeles, whether you're visiting or need a short-term solution to not having your own vehicle. Trips can be incredibly unpredictable, so why not rent an SUV and be prepared for anything? If you're carrying a lot around town, then the Suburban's 137 cubic feet of cargo space will surely come in handy. Nervous about your safety while driving in the Pacific Coast's largest metropolitan area? With a Chevy Suburban rental, you don't need to be. The Suburban's StabiliTrak technology protects you and your vehicle from any unexpected inclement weather. Your passengers are guarded from tragedy as well, with the SUV's side impact airbags and sturdy impact door beams. Plus, you can affordably travel anywhere you'd like to go; the Suburban gets 15 MPG in the city and 21 MPG on the freeway. For an indulgent upgrade, look into a Cadillac Escalade rental.

Now that you've settled on renting a Chevrolet Suburban, you may wonder, "Why California Rent-A-Car?" California Rent-A-Car prides itself on delivering lavishness without burdening the customer with excessive expense. They have a sterling reputation for customer service, so your rental process is destined to be pleasant. They'll even pick you up from the airport or car repair shop. Finally, California Rent-A-Car offers important extras like GPS and booster seats at an inexpensive rate.

California Rent-A-Car makes the rental process incredibly easy. Call them today at (877) 524-1878 or fill out a reservation on their website.