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Cadillac Escalade ESV

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Engine 5.3 Liter Engine
Doors 4
Extras Bluetooth Navigation
7 4 15/21

General Description

When the large SUV was a young car category, suburban rental was your only choice. In 2001, Chevy’s cousin Cadillac introduced the luxurious Escalade, in order to appeal to those for whom beefiness and luxury were flavors that should be mixed. The ESV was made in that same “sky’s the limit” spirit. With over the top size, power, luxury and interior space Escalade ESV rental, is perhaps the most car you could possibly ever want, in every possible.

There is no other car on the road that offers to cart around 8 full grown adults in extreme comfort, and then offers you 30 additional cubic feet of extra space (hint: approximately one refrigerator). The second row of seating alone in your Escalade ESV rental offers your first row of passengers the type of legroom passengers expect on a plane in first class.

But this is a Cadillac after all, and as such you can expect extras from your Escalade ESV rental like supple leather seating and motorized, adjustable, climate controlled seats. Naturally there’s an extra-large v8, and a heavy duty transmission there to give you enough torque to tow 8,000 pounds (hint: a whole lot of refrigerators).

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