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Stress-Free Car Rental

Service is paramount at California Rent-A-Car. We don't let the experience of renting a car get bogged down with bad service or annoying insurance matters.

Even if you manage to get your hands on a rental car you really love, there is not often much to love in the actual process of car rental in Los Angeles. While you are trying to get the keys, get on the road, and get on with your life, there are nagging questions on your mind, troublesome bureaucratic matters, and other sources of stress. But at California Rent-A-Car, we pride ourselves on great customer experiences. Our knowledgeable staff, efficient transportation services, and speedy paperwork will let you worry about traffic and other, more important matters.

You are likely to come in with questions about our selection, and our policies. You don't want a bored customer service representative just punching your question into a computer. We hire knowledgeable and friendly counter staff, so that our customers will always have their questions answered. Other businesses offering car rental at Los Angeles Airportstruggle to keep up with our service reputation.

Furthermore, if you are just watching your recently crashed car get checked into a mechanic's shop, you are likely in a bad mood, and without transportation. We would like at least one thing to go right for you on this rough day. So you can count on pickup services from California Rent-A-Car to arrive quickly, and a friendly face will greet you when you get in the car.

Lastly, we can handle most of your insurance paperwork for you. You can imagine, these insurance forms are old hat to us. In many cases, not having to trouble themselves with paperwork was what made someone into a repeat customer of our luxury car rental. We see that as a win-win situation.

Contact us at (310) 477 - 8080 today, or use our website to make a reservation.