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Chevy Malibu

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Engine 1.5 Liter Engine
Doors 4
Extras CD/Radio
Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiH2okoRcqM
5 3 25/36

Daily rate: $ 40

Weekly rate: $ 200


General Description

Cars are an integral part of daily life in Los Angeles, so getting the right car rental when you need one here is crucial. That’s why California Rent-A-Car offers our valued customers a plethora of options. For many, a Chevy Malibu rental is ideal. Named for the famed beach city where countless movie stars and Hollywood power players reside, the mid-size Malibu is the descendent of a classic American auto that has been gracing America’s highways since the mid -1960s.

Today, a Malibu makes an ideal discount car rental in Los Angeles. Small enough to fit in those occasionally tricky “compact car” parking spaces, but large enough to get a decent amount of respect on the highway, the critics have been kind to the most recent editions of the Malibu. Certainly for most drivers, a Chevy Malibu rental compares very favorably with a Toyota Camry rental.

Writers have praised the Malibu’s surprisingly effective handling, but that’s only the beginning. Our customers will very likely also be pleasantly surprised by the amount of storage space available in this sturdy example of classic automotive craftsmanship from General Motors. Many customers who have enjoyed the Chevy Malibu have also had good luck with a convenient and economical Ford Fusion rental.

Whether you rent one of our economy models, a high-end luxury vehicle, a sports car, or an outstanding green auto, you can count on getting the very best service from California Rent-A-Car. We pride ourselves on providing the kind of friendly and efficient help that is often all too difficult to find at our larger competitors.

For more information on a Chevy Malibu Rental please visit our contact page or give us a call at 877-524-1878.