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Mini Cooper S

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Horsepower 181 Horsepower
Doors 2
Extras Bluetooth
4 2 30/34

General Description

Few cars have charmed the public as much as the Mini Cooper. Popularized largely while being driven by Michael Caine and Mark Wahlberg respectively in the 1969 and 2003 versions of The Italian Job, today’s Mini Cooper is something else again. The upscale modern version has more going for it than simply being tiny and cute. A Mini Cooper S rental from California Rent-A-Car will put you behind the wheel of the car that fully embodies the phrase “small but mighty.”

Mini Cooper S rental will give you a chance to enjoy the surprising power that has had automotive writers marveling for years. A car that goes from 0 to 60 with remarkable speed for a sub-compact, this Mini Cooper rental will amaze you with what has been described as “go cart like” handling. Few cars are this much fun to drive – or as easy to park on L.A.’s perpetually overcrowded streets. Moreover, few rental agencies offer such outstanding service as California Rent-A-Car.

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