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Mini Cooper

Vehicle Features

Horsepower 131 Horsepower
Doors 2
Extras Bluetooth
4 2 30/42

General Description

Here at California Rent-A-Car, we pride ourselves on the diversity of the fleet we make available to all our customers. From SUVs to hybrids, convertibles, luxury cars, and more, our selection of vehicles for rent is unmatched. One of the most sought-after cars in our inventory is the Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper was recently popularized again by such thrilling Hollywood movies as The Bourne Identity and The Italian Job; nowadays, an increasing number of people are contacting us about a Mini Cooper rental

When you contact California Rent-A-Car, you will find that we offer Mini Cooper rental in several varieties. You may be interested in the standard Mini Cooper, but you'll also have your pick of the Mini Convertible (perfect for sunny Southern California!) or the Mini Clubman (ideal for someone who wants a sporty rental that's a little more spacious). And if you're looking for something really sporty, we also offer the Mini Cooper S, a nimble car with an acclaimed history in circuit racing. 

More people are choosing the Mini Cooper rental from California Rent-A-Car, because of our sterling track record of customer satisfaction. From our thoroughly inspected and immaculately clean cars to our courteous, reliable customer service, we have made a name for ourselves as the premier car rental company in Los Angeles.