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Renting Cool Cars

If there is one word that describes the California way of life, it's "cool." From the Bay area in the north to Hollywood in the South, California is like the world's epicenter of cool. If you are visiting for a vacation, family reunion or conference, you will probably want to have some coolness in your experience, and at California Rent-A-Car, that is precisely what we deliver. We have positively the coolest selection of car rental in Los Angeles. Cool may be a relative term, but however you define it luxury, performance, or the latest technology but we have definitely got it.

Luxury comes in many forms at California Rent-a-Car. Classy luxury car rental choices like Mercedes and BMW are represented in our collection. But there is also the flashier styling of the newest Audi's like the A6, and the A5 convertible. Infinity, Lexus and Volvo are, of course, part of our collection as well. But there is plenty of luxury to be found in our high-end SUVs. Cadillac Escalades, Range Rovers and Jeep Cherokees can definitely win points for being cool.

As for performance, if you aren't impressed by our luxury cars, that might be because flash goes hand-in-hand with performance. If that is your idea of cool, you may want to consider a Ford Mustang convertible or Chevy Camaro SS.

If you see coolness in the latest technology and gadgets, you may not be a luxury car person (although there is plenty in a luxury car to call "hi-tech"). You might prefer your 'coolness' in the form of a hybrid from Toyota, Honda or Volkswagen. We carry a very wide selection of hybrids for car rental at Los Angeles Airport, not just a handful, because, frankly, we think they are pretty cool too.

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