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Rent a Car Los Angeles

When you think of Los Angeles, you might think of movie stars, the beach, our gorgeous climate and our cultural diversity – or you might think about cars. California Rent-a-Car is here to remind you that, more than any other world class city, L.A. was built on the automobile. When it comes time to rent a car in Los Angeles, you don’t want to rent just any car, you’d like a car with a bit of class, character, and charisma to match the star power of the City of Angels.

When it’s time to rent a car in Los Angeles, California Rent-a-Car should be your first stop. We stock an outstanding selection of high quality vehicles that have as much personality as the many communities that make up our sprawling metropolis. Aside from an outstanding selection of standard autos, vans, trucks, and SUVs from the world’s best known auto manufacturers, we offer an outstanding selection of luxury and specialty cars

That’s not all. Being a smaller company, we can offer far more personalized services than our larger competitors. With locations in West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and near the airport, we are well positioned to serve L.A.’s most important and culturally significant regions. If you’ll be visiting the dynamic Hollywood area, or if you need an LAX car rental or a Santa Monica rent a car then California Rent-a-Car should be your first stop.

That’s not all, in line with the environmental consciousness that permeates today’s Southern California, we offer a number of the finest green automobiles currently available. With us, renting a Toyota Prius, a VW Jetta TDI, or Cadillac Escalade Hybrid can be the perfect sustainable Los Angeles car rental.

Whatever kind of rent a car in Los Angeles you need, please visit our contact page or call 877-524-1878 to speak to one of our representatives.