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Monthly Car Rental Los Angeles

Here at California Rent-A-Car, we believe in offering flexible rental options for our customers. That is why we offer monthly car rental in Los Angeles, a popular choice for people who need a loaner while their car is in the shop, or for people who are visiting the area for an extended period of time, whether it is for business or pleasure. This is part and parcel of our overall effort to offer our customers more opportunities for savings wherever we can find them.  With our comprehensive and personalized service, monthly car rental in Los Angeles is now more affordable and hassle-free than ever before.

What kind of vehicles can you choose from when you choose our company for monthly car rental in Los Angeles? The depth and breadth of options available for rent at California Rent-A-Car is quite staggering, actually. Our fleet includes sports cars, luxury cars, SUVS, hybrids, convertibles, vans, trucks, specialty cars, and more. Let your individual taste lead the way as you explore the many choices on our user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. If you have any questions or concerns at all, we encourage you to contact us directly for more information.

At first glance, monthly car rental in Los Angeles may not seem like that much of an adventure, but let us explain why we think this may be just what you need. The best part of getting a new car is the moment you get into it, and the unfamiliarity and newness feel exciting. You and your new car are going to have adventures together. But when you are a car owner, this feeling is diminished by the feeling that sets in a moment later when you drive your new car off the lot, and you know your investment has just lost thousands of dollars in value. There is good news for drivers, however. That feeling of adventure never has to be diminished when you opt for monthly car rental in Los Angeles. And if you are looking for adventure, we have three different kinds to offer: Adventures in the road with style and speed, adventures in a rugged SUV, or an altogether different kind of adventure in one of our 15 passenger vans.

You've heard the adage about German cars: you can never find parts for them. Leave those worries to us, and a fantastic Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen or Audi convertible. The brand new Audi A5 convertible rental is another way to experience that "hair-blowing-in-the-wind" adventurous feeling. And the fantastic thing about these adventures is you never have to think about oil changes or resale value when you rent your adventure from California Rent-A-Car. Car rental in Los Angeles has never been so easy or affordable.

If on the other hand, your adventures involve something a little more rugged, or a large passenger capacity, we have SUVs and vans big and small, like the Chevy Suburban, and our 15 Passenger Ford van. And with all these, leave the maintenance worries up to the staff at California Rent-A-Car. Choose monthly car rental in Los Angeles, and live in the fast lane.