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Mercedes E300

Vehicle Features

Transmission Automatic
Horsepower 382 Horsepower
Doors 4
Extras Bluetooth Navigation
5 4 20/28

General Description

Do you have somewhere important to go like a business event or a pleasure one? In that case you will want to turn up at the event entrance in style, which is possible with a Mercedes Benz E class car. Mercedes Benz is a high end automobile brand that is most popular for its luxury cars. The "E" in the "E-class" range of Mercedes stands for 'executive', which is why it is perfect for corporate events. It is one of the finest luxury cars available in the market therefore it does not just provide a comfortable ride but it is also equipped with all luxury amenities.

The E class rental Los Angeles service for Mercedes Benz from California Rent-a-Car is a great decision because it is the most pocket-friendly way of traveling in style and luxury. The fully ventilated seats of the car are well upholstered and they are even comfortable during long rides, i.e. they do not get too hot. Also, the E-class vehicles all come with V8 engines which are a notch above the standard V6 engines that are found in most large sedans. The car offers excellent traction control and stability, therefore it is easy to handle it, whether you are driving on urban streets or on country roads.

Once you have made up your mind about going with an E-class model from Mercedes Benz you can contact California Rent-a-Car in order to make it happen. The car rental company is extremely reliable and it offers a wide range of car models. Moreover, the process of renting cars from this company is not at all difficult, which is definitely a huge advantage for those who do not like to deal with too many hassles when renting cars. Thus, if you have an important occasion coming up then you might want to rent a Mercedes Benz E-class vehicle from this company.