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LAX Car Rental

Whether you’re a seasoned Southern California business visitor arriving on the red-eye or a first-timer coming to our city as a tourist, an LAX car rental from California Rent-a-Car is the perfect way to get the wheels you’ll need to properly navigate your Los Angeles visit. Make no mistake, a car in the Los Angeles area is no luxury. Movies might make it look as if the beach is next door to Hollywood Blvd. and Rodeo Drive, but the reality is very different indeed. A Los Angeles car rental is practically an essential if you plan to visit more than one or two locations.

Of course, when you do get your LAX car rental, you’ll want the best service available, and California Rent-a-Car provides just that. We’re a smaller than most car rental companies and that means we can provide you the kind of personal service the big companies find impossible to deliver.

Just as important, we offer the kind of selection that goes well beyond the often less than thrilling selection you’ll find at other LAX car rental agencies. Our specialty vehicles include some of the coolest vehicles on the road, ranging from the finest luxury vehicles to SUVs, vans and trucks. Also, keeping with the environmental mindset of California, we offer a full range of hybrid vehicles for green-minded drivers who also wouldn’t mind saving money on gasoline. When you rent a car in Los Angeles make California Rent-a-Car your first stop for the best service and selection in town.

For more information on a daily, weekly, or monthly car rental in Los Angeles, please visit our contact page or call 877-524-1878.