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Convenient Car Rental

At California Rent-A-Car, we have created a new paradigm for car rental in Los Angeles. By focusing on customer service, we are changing the way the luxury car rental business works. At each one of our convenient locations, you will find a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team.

We at California Rent-A-Car know the rigors of renting a car. Car rental customers are dealing with travel, expense, insurance, and sometimes car trouble, or recent injury from a car accident. Our business is to put you behind the wheel of a car with as little trouble as possible. Getting to the rental location shouldn't hamper the experience, and at California Rent-A-Car, our convenient LAX car rental locations are a huge part of our ever-growing reputation.

Those who need a car are short on transportation already. Customers are at Airports, auto body shops and car dealerships. There is nothing worse than being without wheels, and so we make sure LAX customers are served by our Inglewood/LAX location. Arriving from your flight, you will be a short distance from our location, and our pickup service can get your there quickly and efficiently. Our pickup service is also great for customers at a mechanic's shop, in need of a ride.

Furthermore, if you are having your car worked on at one of several dealerships around Los Angeles, our locations are located on the premises. As a matter of fact, our location at Volkswagen Santa Monica is rich in Volkswagens, meaning in many circumstances, you can rent a car very similar to your own, lending unique continuity to your Los Angeles car rental experience.

Call (877)524-1878 today, or try our online form for making reservations.