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Here at California Rent-A-Car, we have worked hard to establish a solid reputation as the best Santa Monica rent a car company in the Los Angeles area. We have become widely known for our personalized customer service, as well as our diverse fleet of vehicles. Our inventory of vehicles includes everything from standard cars like the Ford Focus to convertibles like the Mini Convertible, as well as SUVs, hybrids, specialty cars, and luxury vehicles. Some people prefer the energy efficient Toyota Prius. Others can't wait to get their hands on the sporty Audi A5. Whatever you taste, you are bound to find it satiated with our comprehensive selection of vehicles. But our unmatched selection is only part of the reason why we have become the most popular Santa Monica rent a car company

When it comes to the car rental business, people really appreciate service with a smile. Unfortunately, this simple quality is lacking in so many car rental services. You are shelling out your money for a quality product, and you shouldn't have to put up with grief from grumpy service representatives. When you choose us for your Santa Monica rent a car company, you will feel treated like royalty. The long line of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for all their car rental needs is a testament to our success in consistently meeting that standard.

Cheap Car Rental Los Angeles

At California Rent-A-Car, cheap car rental in Los Angeles does not have to also mean low-quality. Indeed, the professional team at California Rent-A-Car, conveniently located in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and LAX/Inglewood, prides itself on a wide selection of affordable but luxurious vehicles. From hybrids to convertibles and SUVs, this reliable company offers cheap car rental in Los Angeles without sacrificing variety and quality.

Aside from their impressive fleet of vehicles, California Rent-A-Car also has a reputation for personalized and attentive customer service. You may not expect such professionalism and friendliness when looking for cheap car rental in Los Angeles, but you will be pleasantly surprised in all your interactions with this company's courteous staff.

California Rent-A-Car also offers a diverse assortment of extras, aware that certain customers will come to them with particular needs. For the businessperson who needs to be always wired in, even on the go, they offer the Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, an advanced mobile mi-fi system able to connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. For the newcomer to Los Angeles, who wants to be able to navigate the often confusing streets of this sprawl, they offer the Garmin Navigation System, the best in mobile GPS units. And for the parent who wants to feel assured their child has the very best protection in one of California Rent-A-Car's vehicles, they offer comfortable, secure baby chairs and booster seats. Only with California Rent-A-Car can you find cheap car rental in Los Angeles and also be treated to so many extras.

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The best car rental company in Los Angeles has convenient locations in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Inglewood/LAX. California Rent-A-Car offers luxury car rental in Los Angeles, including such popular options as the Mini Cooper and Cadillac Escalade.