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What’s New At California Rent A Car – Exotic Car Rental LAX

September 22, 2015
What’s New At California Rent A Car – Exotic Car Rental LAX

At California Rent A Car we understand that sometimes, for special occasions, one requires an exotic car in order to make an impression. This is why we have added exotic car rental LAX to the other car rental services we offer, i.e. standard cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, green cars, luxury cars and convertibles. This service is best for individuals who want to drive in luxury when they are visiting LAX or Los Angeles. After all, cars aren't just a mode of transportation but they also serve as a status symbol and help in creating a good impression. Variety is the spice of life, therefore you can choose from a vast array of luxury or exotic cars such as BMW, Corvette, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Dodge Viper and so on.

The webpage for exotic car rental LAX on the official website of California Rent A Car comes with complete details for each available exotic car. Details such as engine, horsepower, number of doors, transmission, color of the interior and exterior, rate per day and per week, mileage, number of passengers, etc are covered to help prospective customers make up their mind about the exotic car model they should go for. Hiring exotic cars at California Rent A Car is very easy. All you need to do is to create an itinerary, choose an exotic car and then reserve the same.

The first step in hiring an exotic car from this company would be to create your itinerary. For this, you need to key in certain details, such as the location from where you'd like to be picked up, the drop-off location, the pickup date, the drop off date and of course the pickup and drop-off time. You can also specify the age of the driver if you are particular about it. Next you need to choose an exotic car. Here, you can also go for add-ons such as baby seats, additional driver, navigation system or renter's liability insurance. Once you're done making the selections, you can proceed towards the third and final step, i.e. to reserve the exotic car.

Thus, the entire process of renting an exotic car is extremely simple, which is exactly how it should be because people generally get put off by complicated steps when it comes to car rentals and they end up opting out of the same. With California Rent A Car there is no such problem because everything is fast, easy and convenient.

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