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Best Car Rentals

For the best car rentals, more people are choosing the experienced and courteous team at California Rent-A-Car. With convenient locations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Inglewood/LAX, we make it easy for busy travelers to find high-quality rentals at extremely competitive prices. Indeed, many people flying into LAX prefer our service because we allow them to avoid the time-consuming and frustrating lines at the national chains by meeting them in the terminal for a hassle-free pick-up. That?s the kind of dedication to first-class customer service that places us head and shoulders above the competition.

Of course, personalized customer service is just one of the two main pillars of our success. The other essential aspect of our business is the unmatched selection of vehicles available through California Rent-A-Car. Some of our best car rentals include such coveted items as the sleek and sexy Mercedes CLK350 and the stylish Audi A5. Our assortment of vehicles has been carefully selected so that people with all kinds of tastes and budgets can find something perfectly suited for them. From hybrid cars like the ubiquitously popular Toyota Prius to standard cars like the always dependable Chevy Impala and specialty cars like the Mini Cooper, the sheer depth and breadth of choices available at California Rent-A-Car is genuinely staggering.
Here at California Rent-A-Car, we offer not only the best car rentals, but also the best deals. Make sure to keep on coming back to our user-friendly site to find the latest Internet-only offers.